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Soccer and Slovenia

Happy late Easter everyone! Sorry for having been MIA recently, there have been lots of things going on as the semester ends and my departure approaches.

Before the Easter break, the weekend of March 24th I travelled with my college soccer team to Nantes, France to play in the semi-final for a spot in the top 6 of the Coupe de France Saint-Gobain des ESC national tournament. Continue reading “Soccer and Slovenia”

Study Abroad

Christmas Spirit

As this semester is coming to a close with my last final being tomorrow I can only be thankful for the experiences and people I’ve met these past few months.

Although things have been tough, difficult, and frustrating I’ve also experienced some pretty great things too.

We did a Secret Santa gift exchange with the flat and it was perfect. Despite not following directions for the rules of the gift exchange, despite being gifted a hunk of cheese, and despite Virgil dropping wine on our carpet for the umpteenth time; I love these people! Continue reading “Christmas Spirit”

Study Abroad

Food Brings People Together

So the past week and a half has been quite eventful! I’m not sure if I had mentioned this but our new flatmate from Portugal arrived! Her name is Diana, she is from Portugal and came to Strasbourg to work at the Portuguese Consulate (She even has a special passport, so it’s legit).

As I had mentioned in my last post being a tourist in your own city often gets overlooked, however, Diana and I made the trip to the Cath├ędrale Notre-Dame here in Strasbourg. It’s huge…. 332 steps later and here was the view. Continue reading “Food Brings People Together”