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I don’t speak wine.

I want to start this post by clarifying that I’m not a wine expert (sommelier) at all!

A few weeks ago I spoke with Alida (BFF) and she asked if I was a wine expert now that I’ve spent a good amount of time here in the land of all things wine. As embarrassed as I was I responded I still hadn’t a clue.

Luckily, this past week Strasbourg hosted the Vignerons Indépendants Wine Expo where independent winemakers boasted all of their products in a huge expo center, my friend Lu and I attended.  Attending the wine expo led me to to some supporting research and now I can bring to you a quick guide to a few wine must-knows.  Continue reading “I don’t speak wine.”

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Essential Gadgets of the Kitchen

Last week I broke down and bought 2 new knives, the total was 7 euros. Being that I won’t be able to take any kitchen utensils home with me I’ve tried to survive with the bare minimum. Out of us 4 flatmates we are constantly trading pots, knives, and cutlery. Having to “make-do” this past year I was inspired to come up with a list of the essential gadgets of the kitchen I’d love to have based on my experience here. Continue reading “Essential Gadgets of the Kitchen”

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February: Valentine’s Week Recap

Although this post is titled “Valentine’s Week Recap” I will add one thing that did happen prior to Valentine’s week that is a must! As we welcomed a new housemate, Adriano, it was only appropriate we host a dinner. Abi and I decided to cook “American” specialties and having never fried chicken it was obvious that would be the dish that’s we’d try to cook.

If you aren’t “learned” on the topic of fried chicken in Europe -it doesn’t exist. Yes, there is KFC (crazy right?) but otherwise fried chicken is not common at all. So, with this being said, mind you if you haven’t read my previous posts the way our flat is set up we make do with what we have; it’s amazing how many things we’ve managed to cook and bake using a toaster oven and a 2-burner electric hot plate. Continue reading “February: Valentine’s Week Recap”

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Getting to Know French People

Maybe you’ve heard of the peaches and coconuts culture analogy for other countries. It’s used to describe cultural tendencies and essentially what the people are like such as if they’re easy to get to know or not. Before you study abroad there is usually some type of meeting where they discuss culture shock, adjusting to your new environment, and the things you should expect, as well as a brief discussion on whether the country you’ll be visiting has a peach or coconut culture. Continue reading “Getting to Know French People”

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Getting up to Speed

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve got around to a post. That’s a good thing, it means I’ve been super busy. Fall is in full swing here in Strasbourg, leaves are changing color, filling my bike basket, getting stuck in my hair. It’s great!

Seriously though, it’s quite beautiful.

I mentioned in my last post I was doing a presentation in my French class on the Acadians……nailed it! My teacher was thoroughly impressed with my presentation; he even complimented all Americans as a whole on presentation skills.

Another observation that I’ve made about how the college experience here differs is that there is a larger focus on the real world aspect of business, not so much theory as back home (both are important). Continue reading “Getting up to Speed”

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Food Brings People Together

So the past week and a half has been quite eventful! I’m not sure if I had mentioned this but our new flatmate from Portugal arrived! Her name is Diana, she is from Portugal and came to Strasbourg to work at the Portuguese Consulate (She even has a special passport, so it’s legit).

As I had mentioned in my last post being a tourist in your own city often gets overlooked, however, Diana and I made the trip to the Cathédrale Notre-Dame here in Strasbourg. It’s huge…. 332 steps later and here was the view. Continue reading “Food Brings People Together”

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Je Parle Anglais en France.

Depuis mon enfance, j’ai étudié la langue française.

Je parle français grâce à l’héritage Cajun dans ma région et à l’immersion française dans la ville de Cecilia. C’est un honneur et je suis fière de cette compétence. Cette année je suis venue à Strasbourg en France pour étudier le commerce à l’EM Strasbourg. Je serai ici jusqu’en avril. C’est un rêve d’être ici car je suis fière de pouvoir parler français et maintenant que je suis en France, c’est incroyable.

J’étais motivée de faire une publication en français  parce que je n’ai pas l’occasion de parler français avec mes camarades étrangers qui parlent anglais. Continue reading “Je Parle Anglais en France.”

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Before heading to Strasbourg I considered myself a pretty adaptable person. I felt more than prepared to dive in to this journey. Now that I’m here I’ve realized I was terribly wrong, but I’m happy about this.

I can remember thinking how I would easily get accustomed to life in France. I imagined I would arrive, have no problem since I spoke the language and “knew” about the customs.

As I’ve mentioned living in a city is new to me. I refer to Lafayette and Baton Rouge as cities, but I’ve never lived in a bustling, walking city. A “city” like in the movies.

Honestly, this has been a little hard for me. I hate not knowing where I’m going, I hate being lost, and I hate that despite these difficulties people just disregard the fact that it seems like you may be having troubles. Continue reading “Customs”

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This Little Piggy Went to the Market

This morning I woke up and got dressed to go to the Saturday market. It was exactly like in the movies. People rode up on their bicycles. There were people with their kids. There were old people and young people. There was a whole block sectioned off and loads of booths with competitive prices selling all a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, jam, meat, and other goods. Continue reading “This Little Piggy Went to the Market”

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Little Victory #1

Yesterday ran so much more smoothly. I went out to town to get my phone in the afternoon, and although I did have to wait in line, it went okay. I did have to buy a phone though.

Having a smartphone was imperative for me because I needed to be able to have access to Google Maps in order to navigate my way around, obviously, seeing as how it always ends up we tend to walk for 30 minutes to get anywhere.

I went to this place called FNAC to get a phone, it’s comparable to a Best Buy. There you purchase your product at the designated section and then you bring your receipt to the check out where you pick it up. I thought that was pretty interesting.

In addition, now I understand why people in cities are often times associated with being rude or mean…’s because they’re in a bad mood. Continue reading “Little Victory #1”