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Experiencing Italy in the Cold

**Watch Video at the end**

Sorry for being so late with this post! This week has been a whirlwind since my return from my trip to Italy. To top it off, I paid rent for the last time this morning, time has passed so fast!

So a quick recap for my trip to Italy, but before I must state that Europe experienced extremely bad weather last week, “The Beast from the East”.¬†Ireland and Scotland were hit pretty bad and several students who spent their breaks in those areas ended up stranded.

With this being said, the average temperature while I was in Italy was cold enough to always have on leggings and pants (-4 C/24 F). Continue reading “Experiencing Italy in the Cold”

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How do you say bedsheets in French?

So, the title of this post may seem a little strange and I’ll get to that in a second. But- first and foremost (I love when I have a chance to use this expression) I’d like to bring you guys up-to-date.

A while back my bike had broke…I purchased a bicycle when I first arrived and I had to bring it to the bike shop for several different tune-ups. Continue reading “How do you say bedsheets in French?”

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Christmas Spirit

As this semester is coming to a close with my last final being tomorrow I can only be thankful for the experiences and people I’ve met these past few months.

Although things have been tough, difficult, and frustrating I’ve also experienced some pretty great things too.

We did a Secret Santa gift exchange with the flat and it was perfect. Despite not following directions for the rules of the gift exchange, despite being gifted a hunk of cheese, and despite Virgil dropping wine on our carpet for the umpteenth time; I love these people! Continue reading “Christmas Spirit”